Welcome to our 2020 Graduation Show

Third year Journalism and International Journalism students on the Advanced Journalism Practice module work on a rolling 7-day news cycle. Planning for our website, weekly magazine and our broadcast output begins every Wednesday when we start preparing for the following week’s live newsdays.

Every Monday our students concentrate on the JMU Journalism website and on Tuesdays we produce Liverpool Life magazine with all the content designed and edited on the day. We also have a weekly podcast based on what we are featuring that week. Meanwhile, our broadcast students are out on the road and in the studio producing content for their TV and radio bulletins and for all our social media streams.

This Liverpool Life magazine issue discusses the North West’s biggest comic-con, and Liverpool’s International Women’s Day march.

This issue of Liverpool Life magazine includes features about a beer festival held in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, and a Kobe Bryant tribute event.
Liverpool Life Live is home to the broadcast journalists’ news output. Hourly radio and TV bulletins, covering news and features from the Merseyside region, including live reports from reporters on location.

Illegal dog fighting gangs target Merseyside rescue kennels.
Producer Sophie Drew broke this exclusive for Liverpool Life Live, when she discovered the real reasons why a local dogs’ home was being forced to move premises.  Over a period of a fortnight Sophie gained the trust of staff at the kennels, filming on her own and then working with reporter Harriet Morphy Morris to put together the final package.

During the course of the year the Liverpool Life Live team had several exclusives. Reporter Euan Burns delving into a Facebook post resulting in this breaking news story for Merseyside. An Italian Member of the European Parliament branding claims that the right wing politician Matteo Salvino will be visiting Liverpool as “fake news”.

Liverpool Life journalist Ben Kelly provided much of the team’s sports news.
His piece on Anfield’s expansion plans demonstrating his skills as a producer presenter. 
This is Ben Kelly’s moving piece on the last memorial service for the Hillsborough families shows his talents as an editor and how we collaborate with our industry partners. This was a caption video designed for social media.
The Liverpool Life team produce stories from across the region, student journalists work on their own travelling to events to gather news stories. Harriet Morphy Morris found herself in Knowsley, covering a new initiative in Merseyside’s fight against knife crime.  
This TV bulletin was entirely produced by broadcast journalism students, and presented by Jack Prescott and Maelle Fontaine. The sport was presented by Euan Burns.
On occasions the journalists face unexpected problems, reporter Reanna Smith found herself somewhat vertically challenged when she went to find out about the new sport of Korfball. 

Our work isn’t just confined to newsdays, in a unique partnership, journalism students have helped drive the initiative for a National UK Police memorial. They have provided much of the content for The UK Police Memorial’s global website officially launched at Twitter HQ in November 2019.
While we have a specialist sports journalism course, sport is integral to life on Merseyside and features heavily in our news bulletins. The first Women’s Football Merseyside Derby to be held at Anfield was a big story for us, with Euan Burns on hand to cover it.
It’s not all about TV. Radio is as important. Our graduates produce hourly radio bulletins for Liverpool Life Live. They combine a mixture of national and local news, producing and presenting their own content. This bulletin was presented by Harriet Morphy Morris.
This radio package was produced and voiced by Reanna Smith. It sheds light on a very important issue, and the charity involved have received national attention since.
Adam Jackson Wright presents the the 1pm Liverpool Live Radio Bulletin, with Sports Editor Euan Burns and Producer Harriet Morphy Morris.

As well as writing for the Liverpool Life magazine and JMU Journalism website, print students also make a podcast discussing the week’s stories. This example was hosted by Matthew Nyland and Charlotte Kenny:

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