Film Studies

Playing Relations (2022)

Two people decide to play a board game as they are waiting in a hospital, uncovering each other’s secrets in the process.

Amy Hughes (Producer), Aiden Walsh (Director), Faye Emily (Editor), Heather Chestnutt (Designer/Sound Design), Katie Collins (Director of Photography/Story)

Nyctophobia (2022)

Don’t Let The Lights Go Out.

Ryan Ballans (Writer/Director), Kirsty Watson (Producer/Assistant Camera), Kamil Stec (Sound Recordist/Editor), Samuel GR Morgan (Sound Composer), Magic Nowak (Cinematographer/2nd Editor), Rhona Campbell (SFX Artist)

Evie (2022)

William Bowen (Director), Izzy Lewis, Shannon Carr, Holly Barrett


William Bowen (Director)

Another Place (2022)

Isobel Sim (Director, producer, screenwriter, sound, editor), Jack Carter (Camera)


The Projectionist

Catherine Norton (Director), Kelsey Draper (Producer) Mark McCool (Sound Designer), Joseph Kelly (Writer)

The Projectionist reminisces on his life and his love of cinema through images of the films he screened and the footage he shot while working as a projectionist and amateur filmmaker. He reflects on his early experiences of the cinema; his first job as a projectionist, his views of the audience and how the cinema was a special place for him. As his memories progress, he remembers the rise of television leading to the closure of the cinema. In his redundancy, he turns his hand to filmmaking, capturing family memories at weddings and birthdays. The Projectionist dwells on the rise of the digital age, how the modernisation of equipment meant there was no need for him and his specialised skills. He longs for the days spent in his little room above the audience, cut off from the world, with the love of his life, cinema.

Beyond the Frame

Emilia Hargreaves (Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design), Emilia Chittick (Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Editor), Ben Jones (Sound Recordist), Jonathan Gazon (Sound Recordist), Kendall Wilkins (Sound Recordist)

From first steps to first love, photographs show fleeting moments of a person’s life, however the stories behind the photographs aren’t all that they seem.

Beyond the Frame explores memories and stories associated with photographs from childhood. We become encapsulated through the soundscape; in a world we have never experienced, whilst we hear imagined stories from a nameless narrator who is looking back on her childhood. There is a sense of longing for memories that don’t quite exist beyond the narrative of the soundscape.

The Florida Project (2016): Childhood Point of View and Temporalities

Kelsey Draper

This video essay explores how a child’s point of view, as well as temporal experiences, is presented within The Florida Project (2016), and how the choices within cinematography and pacing demonstrate the conflicting joys and hardships of an underrepresented childhood. Created as part of my final year Mixed Media Research Project at Liverpool John Moores University.

Zoom Lectures by Emilia Hargreaves – Mixed Media Research Project

Emilia Hargreaves

Research project for my dissertation under the title ‘Exploring the relationship between sound design and character psychology.’

Embracing fragmented reality and a glitching soundscape caused by technology, Zoom Lectures explores the gradual alienation and dissociation of working online, showing how enthusiastic people were and the mental health decline that has been caused due to being purely online.

MMRP Frederick Pope From Newquay to Luanshya

Sarah Holdaway

Number Four – Mixed Media Research Project

Natalie Ashcroft

“𝘕𝘶𝘮𝘣𝘦𝘳 4 is an abstract autoethnographic film that explores themes of CPTSD, abuse cycles, and the consumption of media throughout my life time.”

Parasite: A Class Act – Mixed Media Research Project

Parasite: A Class Act from Katie Goody on Vimeo.