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Being Human: What I Wish I Knew


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A Sense of Scale – K.O. Forsyth

Paul Has a Conversation with a Ghost

The ghost has the anatomy of a man
but with breasts that are softer than mine, and rounder.
Paul, who is virginal, who has never seen real breasts before,
is pouring himself a glass of milk,
while I am stood in the corner observing him.
He watches the ghost, waiting for it to speak
but no words come, only movements. It signals
with its wet face – lacquered eyebrows and dripping lips –
a whole head slick with amniotic fluid.
Its expressions are surprising yet timid.
Ghosts are afraid like my mother.

I tell Paul we should leave, but he says nothing.
He has forgotten me. Enchanted,
he moves towards the ghost and
when he gets too close, they touch,
causing its whole body to concave into a sphere.
Paul picks it up like a beachball,
or maybe something with more flesh, like a baby.
He rocks it back and forth,
gesturing words in its spectral language.
Paul, speak! I cry. Paul, please! Say something quickly,
before we lose the names of our mothers.

Thank You for the Food – Lucy Jones

Your hands are boneless, quivering as she twirls another worm from her wriggling bowl around her fork and slurps it into her mouth. Teeth grinding, she turns to you and grins, the red gash of her lips smeared with worm-blood. Are you going to finish that? she rasps and you look down at your own bowl, alive with squirming tendrils. Vomit rises in your throat. 

You think she is reaching for the bowl, but she grips your wrist hard enough to mottle your flesh and lifts it to her mouth, smudging scarlet into your skin, licking a long, wet stripe down your artery. Her eyes are falling out her head. Your brain is dripping out of your ears, on to your limp hands as they flop into her mouth. Your stomach is concave and your ribs protrude, rubbery skin bubbling. 

She rips your right-hand index finger off first. With an audible crunch, her throat moves with relish and she continues to tear your fingers from your body, one by one. You want it to stop but there are worms in your mouth and you cannot stop to think about how they got there because the pain, oh the pain, is burning you from the inside out and your eyes are manic as she noses at the underside of your arm. 

The worms wrap around your head and squeeze. Your torso remains whole. 





An unintentional exploration into musical whiplash. By Jack Doors

My Solo Wanderlust

Your solo backpacking adventure starts here! Your safety comes first when it comes to backpacking and travelling around the world. This video is dedicated to all the beginner backpackers out there. I offer this video to help you plan your trip with my top tips. There’s web of information on the net when it comes to learning how to plan your trip, this video provides an umbrella of information that you’ll need. By Johnny Bridge


Novel Chapters


Shortlisted in the Pulp Idol anthology competition in the
Writings on the Wall festival 2020.






THE FUTURE IS... By Carroll Grabham
Watch graphic novel free with THE FUTURE IS, a psychedelic dystopian adventure noir, boo-yah.