Journalism Final Project Presentation

Liverpool Life Magazines

Each week, third year students work together to write and produce a Liverpool-themed magazine called ‘Liverpool Life’. While reporting, gathering interviews and working as a team has been more challenging this year because of Covid, there has nevertheless been an impressive variety of items covered, as this selection of front pages demonstrates.

Television Documentaries

Each year level 6 Journalism students have the opportunity to produce mini factual television documentaries. For those wishing to pursue a career in broadcast journalism it is an opportunity to show off their talents as video journalists, researching shooting, producing, editing and presenting their output.

Despite the difficulties imposed by Covid our graduates have once more excelled themselves. As you can see from these two examples the choice of subject matter is diverse and sometimes very personal.

The Silent Killer

Gioia Dalosso Hemnell explores the facts behind Hepatitis C ,The silent killer that took her father’s life. Public Health England has estimated that up to 95,600 people in the UK could be unaware that they are infected with hep C. Left untreated they too could die.

Faith and Covid 19

Church services suspended Mosques cancelled Friday prayers, temples closed, synagogues shut. Not just locked down but congregations across the UK locked out as Covid swept the country. Jorge Capera investigates how religious leaders in the North west responded to the new challenge of Keeping the faith.


Just like professional news teams, our third year journalism students had to adapt to Covid-19 restrictions. They embraced the challenge of using new technology to bring original stories to Liverpool Life Live.

Even whilst coping with self isolation, our journalists contributed to some excellent output. These included an exclusive interview with Merseyside’s Chief Constable Andy Moore just before his retirement.