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The Lesser Known Myth & Magic of Judy Garland

Sarah Westhead

Whether you love her or dislike her as a talent, many people think that they know the “truth” of the dramtic life of Judy Garland. However, there is so much more than people know, she wasn’t a tragedy, she actually enjoyed making The Wizard of Oz and she had an incredibly wicked sense of humour.

Esteemed Oz/Garland biographer/historian joins fellow Garland enthusiats and film scholars to discuss these lesser discussed aspects of the remarkable talent that is Judy Garland.

A Series Of Spoken Word Poetry Put to Music

Curtis Saunders

Part 1: We Don’t Talk About The Weather

Part 2: Pause & Alter

Part 3: Bonus Poetry

Wolf vs State

Vicky Tate

Sick Days

Ethan Leigh

Listen to “FW Ep 1 Sick Days (Reupload)” on Spreaker.

As production sleepily wanders into the end of the season Fodders Android Shiva starts showing signs of an interesting malfunction.